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Kapil Jaggi

Kapil started his journey as a typical Indian kid whose day to day life starts with eating and finishes with more eating. The formula of being healthy by eating breakfast like a king, lunch like a rich man and dinner like a poor man for a healthy lifestyle is NOT AT ALL suitable for Indians. He would sit for hours on the kitchen countertop to observe his dad, who is also an excellent cook, cooking various fusion Indian dishes. The cooking genes were planted to him at a very young age. 


After finishing school Kapil decided to get serious about his passion and take this home cooking to a different level. The quest towards his passion for cooking made him land into an Institute of Hotel Management, where he spent 3 years studying various aspects of managing a hotel & restaurant including developing his cooking skills in culinary. He received a B.Sc degree in Hospitality and Hotel Administration.


During the time he spent at college, he learned a lot about world cuisine, especially French and Italian cuisine. He also did 6 months internship from Taj Mahal Hotel in New Delhi, working for renowned restaurants like ‘Machan’ and ‘Haveli’. After finishing his studies and some work experience in India, Kapil moved to Australia to continue further study in cooking.


Kapil received more training and industry exposure during his Advanced Diploma and Certificate studies in commercial cookery in Melbourne, Australia. He also worked in a range of restaurants starting from McDonalds to Vibe Savoy hotel’s ‘Curve restaurant’ but destiny had different plans for him. He moved back to India after spending 4 years in Australia to join his family business due to father’s deteriorating health.


There is a saying that if you love doing what you are doing, then you don't have to work for even a single day, and he was working for the businesses which was never his passion. Kapil started new ventures in construction and import but failed in every business. This was a turning point for him when he decided to follow his passion and eventually make it his profession again. After working for some renowned restaurant kitchens like ‘Olive Kitchen’ & ‘Moving Bar’ in New Delhi, Kapil moved to Bangalore to open his own startup restaurant of North Indian Cuisine. 


His friends, family members were totally against his decision to open a restaurant in a city whose language, culture, culinary was totally different than what he is used to. But sometimes thinking outside the box really help you to flourish. After a tough start of $10 sales on the second day he was able to get it to a level of $1100 daily sales within a short period of time. Business grew many folds and soon his restaurant was serving 80 to 100 orders everyday. He was expanding to a new location and were in the planning phase of opening a base kitchen but then destiny again had some different plans.


Kapil received a permanent residency for Canada. He moved to Regina along with his family after selling his restaurant to the new owners and started working at Katepwa Beach Resort to work as a Head Chef. After working there for some time the owners decided to sell the business and Kapil decided to pursue a different line of business with a thought process of researching the mood of the city in terms of culinary experience and would come back when he will have the flexibility to demonstrate his true skills. Eventually taking over Da India Curry House restaurant in Regina, Kapil is back to chasing his passion and to bring the best experience in Indian cuisine to Regina.

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